Winter Wedding

Want a totally different look for your wedding photography?  Looking to save some money?  Consider booking a winter wedding.  Many vendors offer discounts during the months of December, January and February.

Region Weddings and SBV Photography are offering $50 off a wedding package if you book a date anywhere from December 1st until the last day in February.  This means your wedding falls during this time and not the time of the booking.

Besides the savings, a winter wedding can offer some dramatic black and white images.  Things tend to move a little slow in winter, so let's give plenty of time for formal shots.  We can keep parents and family somewhere warm for group shots and then head outside for some frolicking in the snow couple's shots.  Bride and groom can huddle up in the vehicle while my assistant and I set up the shot.  We'll get you into the scene for some snaps of the shutter and then back in again.  Let's be extra careful of ice as we want you dancing late into the night.