Did you get your homework done?

This past weekend I met with Heather and Gordon at the beautiful church they are getting married in - Grace Lutheran in Hobart, Indiana.  They gave me a tour of the church and described in detail how they envisioned their ceremony would take place.  I was able to take notes, offer suggestions and grab a few quick test shots.  We then headed to their reception hall and went over the details of their arrival and where in the hall I would set up a backdrop for portraits of their guests.  I will be scouting locations soon for their outdoor formals as well.  I consider this part of the photographer's "homework" that must be completed.

I also hand out homework to my couples in the form of a Wedding Shotlist that I use a a guide so I don't miss anything important.  Heather and Gordon simply checked off things I already had listed and used the blank back of the form for special requests.

Once I have a timeline established, the ideas of the bride and groom as well as myself locked in - everything goes into one document.  It gets printed out and my assistant will have it with her throughout the wedding day.  This keeps all of us on track and helps me get the shots we are all looking for.

So don't forget to complete your homework assignment!!  I give Heather and Gordon a grade of A+.  :)