What Is A Retoucher?

If you have one of my business cards, you may have noticed that next to 'photographer' I'm listed as a "retoucher".  As a bride and groom, let me explain what this means to you.

Wedding Day is supposed to be (and it will be) a gloriously happy one enjoyed with family old and new.  However, we all know the stress and hard work that leads up to this big day.  This can lead to all kinds of skin problems and more.  When I take your images into the digital darkroom, I'm looking for these kinds of things and I'm going to make these problems go away.  This will happen on every single image - period.  I'm also looking for things like eyeglass glare, stray hairs from the wind, eyes closed in group shots, etc.  I recently took out a bride's bra that she didn't want showing.

If your wedding ends up being in the middle of a summer heat wave and that inevitable oily shine takes over your skin, no need to worry.  I won't allow any shiny brides in my collection!!  :)

My training as a retoucher and restorer of old photographs has enabled me to do these types of things with relative ease and skill.  I'm not going to charge you for this unless it is something very extravagant.  I also do many photo collages as part of your wedding book that are also available as prints.

I consider this one of my specialties and not something a lot of photographers can or will do. Usually you have to ask for it, the work gets outsourced and you end up paying a premium for it.

Special effects are also something that I love to do.  See this unplanned moment at a ceremony last summer as an example:

I have more on this subject on the About Me page.  Oh, this doesn't mean the groom's brother doesn't need to straighten his tie.  Sorry dude, you are not off the hook on that one!!