What To Do, Before 'I Do'...

Tips gleamed from an article by Debbie Bosak of *The Northwest Indiana Catholic:*

  • Decide as a couple what type of wedding you envision and create a budget.
  • Meet with a church pastor, minister or local lawmakers to find out about marriage requirements.  Find out what paperwork you will need.  A church may have many rules that need to be reflected throughout your wedding day.
  • Confirm the availability of your chosen location for being married BEFORE reserving a reception hall or making invitations.
  • Many churches, ministers and even reception halls have restrictions for your photographer and videographer.  Find these out and bring them up at our meeting.  NOTE: I can work around any of these restrictions.  I just need to know in advance exactly what they are so I can put them into my notes on your wedding.
  • Inquire about what decorations can be used.  Depending on your location, you may find many or very little restrictions.
  • Choose your music wisely and have it reflect the appropriateness of the occasion.  Visit The Bride's Room for some local music choices.
  • Make sure your bridal party is prompt for rehearsal.  If rehearsal starts at 6, then tell them 5:30.  Having them properly prepared is for the good of all.
  • Submit all of your paperwork way in advance of your wedding day.  No need to stress out at the last minute.

* Region Wedding is not affiliated with the NWI Catholic or any other religious or non-religious association.  We respect and honor all types of faiths.*