Show Off!!

Looking for some cool and unique ways to show off your prints?!!  Check out Photojojo sometime. I have no sponsorship with them.  I just think they have some cool ideas.  I'm not so sure I'd show off the wedding prints with this stuff, but they are definitely fun doohickeys for family, kids, and wedding reception photographs.  Here's a few products for you to check out:


  • If you have been to the studio before you may have noticed my Magnetic Photo Ropes where I show off different images I've taken over the years.  It's a low budget, easy way to hang a bunch of small prints.
  • Polaroid Picture Frames are cheesy, but fun.  Best of all, you can get a dry erase marker and write your own captions and then hang them on the fridge.
  • You can use your family shots in the board game Photo-opoly.  That's right, Monopoly starring your family!!
  • Jelly Phone Filters attach to your cell phone camera and turn ordinary snapshots into wonderfully weird works of art.  Take this to the wedding reception and have fun!!