Pregnancy Photographs

So we spent the day together in Chicago for your engagement session, we have had numerous meetings planning out your wedding pictures and I've had the honor and privilege to be up close and personal on your big day.  We got together after the wedding to order prints and talk about the design of your wedding album.  Hopefully we have gotten to know each other well and you are crazy happy with my photographic work.

My goal is to not just bid a farewell after the wedding.  I want to be "your guy" when it comes to other milestones like anniversaries and other events.  One of those events are the coveted  "pregnancy photographs".  Ever since Demi Moore appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, pregnancy shots came into the mainstream.  Since I have a comfortable residential studio with no waiting room distractions, I encourage you to call me when this moment arrives.  I'd love to see you both, catch up and discuss what you would like out of your belly pics.

Here is a short list of tips for when the time comes.  

  • give at least 90 minutes to the session
  • best to take shots 4 weeks prior to due date
  • bring props such as future toys for baby, food you are craving, etc.
  • no tight pants to leave marks on belly, form fitting tops are good
  • white tops against my white background will really make the skin of the belly (our focus) to stand out
  • bring a female friend to the session for added comfort and help