Home Decor Without Breaking The Bank

As your wedding date approaches, your plans will no doubtfully shift toward a life in your new home as a married couple.  Even if you are going to start your new life in the exact same spot, you are probably going to want to decorate it anew.  Certainly you will want to get some Gallery Wraps of your engagement and wedding photos.  Not only do these look spectacular on the wall, they save time and money in matting and framing.  While they are certainly more costly than normal prints, these classy wall mounts come ready to hang.  Download the Print Prices Brochure and the Specialty Prints Brochure.  Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.

A wedding can prove to be costly so these prints are priced reasonably.  Another cost saving measure is to visit sites that offer royalty free, high quality images for you to print and hang on the walls of your home.  If you don't mind a little digging, these sites offer archives of photographs for free download. They are all at very high resolution and cleared for you to print for personal use.  I've compiled a list of some of these sites below:

Library of Congress - Your tax dollars help maintain this massive collection, so you might as well partake in it's offerings.  You will have to dig, but there is a treasure trove of great photography here.

StockVault  - This site has tons of free images as well.  It is supported by ads, so just be aware of what is an ad and what is part of the site.  A ton of wall worthy material here.

Shorpy - The tag line here says "always something interesting" and this is correct if you enjoy vintage photography.  Really cool stuff here for a recreation room.

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