Guests Portraits at the Reception Hall

This image was taken at the Mendez Wedding a few years back.  They purchased an add on to my Wedding Package called Portraits at the Reception.  It's great, because for one low fee you can treat your guests to studio quality portraits during your reception.  There is no sitting fee at all. Imagine guests from out of town mingling with folks they haven't seen in years and being able to get a great quality shots together.  It's an opportunity that may never happen again.  

The only caveat is that some reception halls have this prohibited in their contract.  You sometimes may have to negotiate this point and make it clear to them that no cash is exchanging hands on site and that their facility is not being used by the photographer to make extra cash.  I understand that some photographers will have a register going to charge the guests.  This will NOT happen with SBV Photography.  This is simply a complimentary service courtesy of the bride and groom.  

Many facilities have no problem with this at all.  It's just something to look for when picking out your hall.  I'd be glad to assist you in securing this service at your reception hall.