The Creepy Wedding Photographer

Okay, so this post is a little bit tongue in cheek.  However, I have met leery clients who tell me about some of the strange encounters and behavior they have seen from everyone from caterers to videographers to yes, it's true - wedding photographers.  I too have met some odd people along the way.  I'm all for a unique approach and I do like to joke with my clients throughout the day. This is why it is so important to meet the actual person who will be with you throughout the biggest day of your life.

I'm definitely NOT the guy pictured here today (lol), but if you are a potential client, let's meet and talk and get to know each other a little bit.  Our photographs will be that much better for it.  While it would be nice to just pick up the phone and book clients right on the spot, it's certainly worth the time and effort in the long run to have one if not several meetings before the big day. Engagement pictures can play a big role as well.  By the time the wedding rolls around, it's like we are old friends.

Wedding photographers as a whole work real hard.  These are men and women who want the best for you on your big day.  After the wedding reception and the last notes of the Electric Slide have faded, our work is just beginning - with tons of editing, designing, etc. - to get your images just right.  Do not be taken in by the "shoot and burn" folks who will have everything on CD for you before the weeks end.

I also promise to not leer at your maid of honor all day and my female assistant will adjust your dress and hair should anything not be right.  Again, I'm trying to humorous here, but you get the idea - we are going to be professionals.

A good wedding photographer is going to expect the unexpected.  We are in Northwest Indiana and Chicago where the weather changes every 5 minutes.  Don't worry if something like this threatens to ruin your day.  Let's just turn it into something useful and get some special and unique photographs out of it.  Ask Thomas and Joanne about the mini monsoon we encountered in Chicago a few weeks ago while shooting their engagement pictures!!

Finally, when I call you for your Premiere Night to view all of your wedding images - I plan for you to be smiling during the presentation.  My business is mostly word of mouth and I want you to run to all of your friends to tell them about me.  I want us both to have a happy face on that day.

In closing, this post is for all of you just coming upon the site and just beginning your search for a wedding photographer.  Let's chat about your day, let me show you samples of my work and have you get to know me a little bit.  Hopefully this "creepy wedding photographer" has also given you a few laughs as well as things to consider as you do your planning.