Christmas Tug of War

We are going to take a break today away from weddings and engagements and show off a recent session from my Merrillville Portrait Studio.  I've photographed Ben and Lia for the past three years and they are quite familiar with me now.  We have done studio and on location shots in the past.  So, it didn't take much to coax them into things like the "Christmas tug of war" with mom's scarf or to both try on Dad's Christmas sweater at the same time.

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I even was able to get a reluctant Ben to give little sister a Christmas kiss on the cheek.  She loved it and was more than willing to oblige back, much to Ben's chagrin.

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I love this shot of Lia barely peaking out from hiding behind Mr. Christmas Bear...

When it came time for some solo shots, these guys were ready.  I do seem to recall a McDonalds bribe in there somewhere.  Hey, whatever it take to get the shot!!

One of my goals here at Region Weddings is to be your photographer long after the Reception ends.  I want to be your family photographer as well.  Hopefully I will do such a good job at your wedding that you will want to come back in the future for couple's shots or bring the newborn into the studio or recommend me for kid sister's senior pictures.  

It's the type of customer service  the typical "shoot and burn" wedding photographer is never going to provide.

Let's have one last look my pals Ben and Lia.  Thanks for a great year and Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

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