My Favorite Thing About Photography

Just a quick one today as I'm bogged down in heavy editing of the last few shoots (wedding, kids portraits, engagement shoot, book making, etc.) and preparing for some Premieres this week. 

I was able to sneak a peak at one of my favorite blogs today.  This Photofocus article got me thinking about why I love doing this and putting the extra time into getting things just right.  As this headline of the Photofocus entry states - I love the results!!

Tomorrow I get together with a mom to show her three year old daughter's images from a shoot at Oak Ridge Prairie two weeks ago.  She is adorable and I will definitely share those images here soon. On Saturday, Rebeccas and Jack will have their Premiere Night where I will sit with them to show their wedding images, take prints orders and help them decide on their wedding book cover.  These showings are one of my favorite things because I get to share the results of all the hard work.  I like the "wow factor" in their eyes and voices as they see their images for the first time.

So there you go, my favorite thing about photography!!  Now, back to work...