Megan and Austin's Fall Wedding Pt.1 (Getting Ready)

You may remember Megan and Austin from their Chicago Engagement Session earlier this past year.  I spent most of an afternoon getting to know them and of course shooting images of them as a couple out and about.  So when the big day arrived for their Fall Wedding I felt very comfortable in capturing what they were all about - which came down to family and friends.  It was apparent that while the engagement session was all about them (naturally), this day needed to have the other people in their lives just as much.

I arrived at Megan's parents home and began taking detail shots and conversing with her bridesmaids as rain poured down outside.

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When Megan arrived, I immediately put the friends and family idea into motion...

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All year I've really enjoyed getting simple close ups of bridesmaids and family members.  There is something about simplicity that makes for some of the best portraits.  I hope these girls agree.

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We took quite a few of these close ups and candids of the girls getting their make up on, etc.  Soon it was time for the bride to wow the crowd with a little help from mom and friends..

Megan loves the color and black and white mixed images.  Here is one of those in the "simple portrait" style.

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Mom and Dad were beaming and I really like this shot of them at their St. John home with their daughter just moments before leaving for St. Michaels Church in Schererville, Indiana.

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Hey, how did this guy get in here?!!  I left ahead of Megan and her family to capture a few images of the groom and his groomsmen who were waiting back at the church.

This next one is one of the couple's favorites, a brown tone image of the guys in the lobby of St. Michael's church.

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At this point, the rain was still coming down.  Tune in for our next segment for shots of the ceremony and to see if my streak of nice weather (a 1000% in 2010) for outdoor formal shots continues or finally gets broken!!