Rebecca and Jack's Beach Wedding Pt. 1

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Rebecca and Jack had their beach wedding at Marquette Park Pavilion in Gary, Indiana.  It may have been the middle of October, but the weather sure did cooperate.  The ceremony was in a bright, almost hot mid day sun.  Some of the formals were actually done on the sand of the beach as demonstrated in the above montage.

Today's post will concentrate on the Getting Ready portion of the day.  Rebecca decided wisely to keep everything at Marquette Park Pavilion and they provided a nice sized room that seemed smaller due to all the stuff packed into it.

Hair and make up was being done by Makeup by Alex.  Alex and his assistant did a great job as demonstrated by these beautiful bridesmaids.

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Let's not forget the bride!!

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In case you are wondering what grooms do during this whole process, it goes along the lines of hanging out with the other guys talking sports or in Jack's case - car talk with his dad.

My assistant Amy and I jetted back and forth between the women's make up room and the detail shots of the lobby decor and the guys.  I did stop the proceeding for this quick group shot.

Okay, now back to more pampering...

Early afternoon Rebecca began trying on her dress and I was there to capture the last minute adjustments...

As soon as Rebecca was satisfied that hair, make up and dress were just right, it was time to prepare for the ceremony.  One last shot of the bride getting ready before we carry on with Part 2: The Ceremony....

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