Heather and Flo's Autumn Wedding Pt. 3

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I always like to put a few collages together for the bride and groom.  The above image consists of Heather's bouquet, their "bride and groom" champagne glasses and a shot taken right after the ceremony.

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Immediately after the ceremony ends is when I like to do group shots with parents, aunts, uncles, etc.  I tend to go a little more traditional with these than wedding party shots or couple shots. Grandmas tend to not go for those jump in the air, waving your flowers around images!!  :)  

After we get all of these, I like to go to another scene with the wedding party.  It's important to change scenery for the sake of the wedding album.  Imagine page after page of the same background, that can be quite boring.

Getting folks together for formal pictures can be quite the challenge.  It always seems like someone is always drifting off somewhere.  A word of advice for newlyweds, designate someone to be in charge of gathering family members for the group photos.  This will make things go quick and smooth.

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I tend to work large and then medium and then break things down to just the couple.  In these shots, I told Heather and Flo to just be man and wife for awhile.  I advised them to just be natural, while you know, my assistant and I swirl around them with a gigantic lens and lighting!! Seriously though, folks always get the hang of it as did Heather and Flo.

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Heather gets the award for bravest Bride as she gleefully maneuvered the rocks along the lake in heels!!

Heather kind of just handed the bouquet off to Flo while she hopped across rocks and I thought that was a unique image, the groom holding the bouquet.

This next formal was actually taken before the ceremony at her aunt's house.  We found a shady spot in the backyard just minutes before leaving for the ceremony.

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Below is our happy, sun kissed bride!!  To view more formal shots, please visit Heather and Flo's Outdoor Formals.