Heather and Flo's Autumn Wedding Pt. 2

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The above image is Heather and Flo's first kiss as husband and wife.  It was taken at the Ravelli bandshell right off of Lake George with family and friends looking on.

They always say the groom is nervous while he awaits his bride, but the shot below proves that brides get nervous as well.  

While we were waiting for the ceremony to begin, I captured one of my all time favorite candid kid shots of Lexie and Matthew preparing to make their way in the procession.

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As Heather's daughter starts things off, we have kid brother as the intruder.  She happily kept spreading the leaves down the path for mom to soon come down.

Here comes the bride, arm and arm with her mother as the sun bathed them both.

When I met with Heather at the ceremony site a month previously, she mentioned that she was considering walking over a large grassy hill and through the crowd.  A very dramatic entrance for sure, but this safer walk down the stone path was probably the wise choice for her mom, the kids and the wedding party.

Emotions begin to take over as the ceremony commences...

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Heather tells me that Flo was also choking up at this point, but I did not capture that and he's not talking!!  lol

Here is a wide shot of the entire ceremony area....

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When I got together with the happy couple for their Premiere Night, Flo mentioned how much he liked this shot and they ordered a large print of it to display in their home.

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Mr. and Mrs. Acevedo leave the area as man and wife.  Congratulations!!

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In Part 3, we will take a look at some highlights of the formal shots.  Click this link to visit the entire gallery of Heather and Flo's Outdoor Wedding Ceremony shots.