Valentine Specials

The Chicago Sessions engagement package is automatically discounted by $50 when the Wedding package is purchased.  However, I'm discounting it to everyone as a Valentine Special.  We don't have to do the shoot by Valentines Day, but you must book by that day - February 14th.  If you want to give a fantastic gift to a friend or an anniversary present to your significant other, consider The Chicago Sessions - 3 hours of photography, Leather Wrap Wall Print and a Deluxe Hardbound Book containing all images.  Click here take a look at the Chicago Gallery.

Also, if you are already a client and have been considering a large print - 16x20 or larger is currently 20% off.

16x20 - $23.99 (Reg. Price - $29.99)

16x24 - $32.99 (Reg. Price - $39.99)

24x30 - $47.99 (Reg. Price - $59.99)

Print Wraps (includes print, mount, & spray):

16x20 - $143.99 (Reg. Price - $179.99)

20x24 - $239.99 (Reg. Price - $299.99)

Gloss Wrap or Leather Wrap:

16x20 - $112.00 (Reg. Price - $140.00)

Both the Gloss Wrap and the Leather Wrap are available in 1 1/4” thickness. Each wrap comes with a covered back. A sawtooth hanger is also included with each mount.

Hope you will take advantage.  Stay warm NWI!!