As I'm typing this, I'm aware that I have an initial meeting with an engaged couple in about an hour. So I will be out the door shortly with a bundle of materials including sample Wedding Books, sample prints, brochures, contracts and my ever trusty notepad.  This is an important encounter for them and me.  I'm sure they will be armed with questions and I'll need to provide the answers. If I can't answer a certain question, I will make sure I follow up quickly.Sometimes we meet here at my studio or like today, at a local coffee shop.  

For viewing images for kids and high school seniors, the viewing is almost always online.  With wedding clients however, I think it is important that they come in and view their images along side of me.  It is here that we usually decide, together, what will or won't be going into their wedding album.  I also find out the general color and design (elaborate, simple, etc.) that they prefer.  They also get to see the images closest to how they will look in print. Computer monitors are all different but mine is right in line with my lab.

Just a quick look into the process of how things work here at Region Weddings.  Have a great weekend!!