More About Me

  • full time photographer with over 10 years of experience

  • classic rock fan, let’s talk guitars

  • the quality you see here is the quality you get, I’m the one who shows up to your wedding, no outsourcing

  • proud owner of a pet rabbit named Sam

  • two associate second photographers - super nice, fun and solid second shooters

  • owner of way too many cameras

  • love to design albums for my clients and really enjoy their reactions when I deliver their book

  • bit of a tech geek

  • organization + moments + love + laughter + friendships  = a successful wedding shoot

  • Quentin Tarantino movies

  • photo-journalist + portrait photographer + family photographer + beauty capturer + organizer of large groups of people = wedding photographer

  • frequent customer of local coffee shops, although I don’t drink coffee

  • Chicago, Northwest Indiana, southwest Michigan, available for travel

  • camera gear reviewer for Shotkit

Q.  What makes you different?

A. I like to incorporate a sense of fashion into photography quite often.   Clients and their friends and families often say their wedding images  look like they belong on the cover of a magazine.  Candid, photojournalistic wedding photography is another style I employ.  I want unique wedding photos for my clients.  I'll do whatever I have to do to get them.  The way I showcase color in my images has been a big draw for clients too.  They tell me that all of the time.  Providing All Day Coverage has given my clients piece of mind that I will be there to tell the story of the entire day.  That has worked out well.

Q. Do you do more traditional, posed wedding photography or more reportage style?

A. The key to great wedding photography is capturing emotion and telling the story and what better way to do so than capturing that as a photo journalist.  At the same time, Grandma may want a simple posed portrait of herself, her daughter and the bride or groom standing together in a nice setting.  There is nothing wrong with that either.  My goal is to NOT produce stiff, forced images.  Families are important to me and capturing their candid reactions throughout the day is a wonderful thing to look back on years down the line. I listen to my clients and craft my vision with theirs.  

Q. What type of gear do you bring to a typical wedding shoot?

A. First on my checklist are two camera bodies for convenience in not having to change lenses so much, but also as insurance in case one camera malfunctions.  The second photographers are also required to have two cameras. I also have equipment and liability insurance.

Q. Do you you have a second shooter with you?

A. For clients who need additional coverage, Kerrie and Bridget are on staff as my associate photographers.  They have been trained by me and started out as assistants in which they have learned the ins and outs of a big day such as a wedding.

Q. How does a client go about booking you for their wedding or engagement?

A. The first step is to fill out the form on the contact page of Region Weddings or call 219-779-7137.  I can then send you a direct email to answer questions or give you a call if you leave a number.  Clients may pay a retainer via credit card, cash or check.  I usually meet with the couple so we can get to know each other a bit. I like answering questions. I believe in showing entire weddings so potential clients can see the quality from start to finish.  After booking, we meet again before the wedding to go over the timeline of the day.  It really becomes a partnership.  


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How I roll on wedding days!!

"I love being a full time wedding photographer. The happy couple are my clients and so are their family, friends and the the generations that will follow them.  It's humbling to think that my work is going to be viewed by their children's children.  It's a wonderful thing to be able to provide these memories and I'm grateful for the opportunity to make these photographs that will last a lifetime" - Steve Vansak - wedding photographer.

Getting to know and trust your wedding photographer is critical.  Once you are comfortable with the person behind the lens and are confident in their abilities to capture your special day, amazing images will come forth.  Please take a few moments to learn about Northwest Indiana Wedding Photographer Steve Vansak, the lead  photographer and owner of Region Weddings. Be sure to fill out the Contact Form to inquire about your date or call 219-779-7137.  


Associate Photographer Kerrie (above) started out as a photo assistant.  Her passion for photography and love of weddings propelled her to join Region Weddings as a second shooter alongside Steve.  She loves to come back home after a wedding and tell her daughter all about the day.  In the role of second photographer, Kerrie will often cover your significant other's Getting Ready (if requested) as well as additional angles during the ceremony.  Sometime she will capture the decorations at the hall while Steve is out taking shots with the couple.


Above is Associate Photographer Bridget.  She loves weddings and has photographed many indoor and outdoor ceremonies.  She also will cover your significant other's Getting Ready as well as provide different angles at the ceremony.  Bridget recently oversaw the Ansel Adams photography exhibit at The Center For Performing Arts in Munster, Indiana.  She will help me capture your day in a photo journalistic style as well as portraits and fun shots of the wedding party.  All of your details will be covered by Bridget while I'm out shooting couple's wedding photos.